made in Italy

Your fabulous shoes from
Italian shoe manufacturers

Find the most skilled Italian manufacturers of shoes for your Private Label shoes for women or men. Find now and for free.

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hecho en Italia

Tus fabulosos zapatos de
Fabricantes de zapatos italianos

Encuentre los fabricantes italianos de zapatos más calificados para sus zapatos de marca privada para mujeres u hombres. Encuentra ahora y gratis.


"made in Italy" shoes for your shoe collection

The best footwear in the world is manufactured in Italy. Make your brand even more prestigious offering high-quality shoes made in Italy.

The Italian shoe manufacturers provide a full Private Label service, including valuable advice about materials, accessories, and packaging.

Start with a Priva Label shoe prototype made along your request, then continue with the manufacturing of your outstanding "made in Italy" shoe collection.

Italian shoes for Private Label

You can provide your designs or choose the models
from the Italian shoes manufacturers.
Then have your shoes made in Italy

Many Italian shoe manufacturers and brands let you customize their existing models with your label and the sought-after "made in Italy" claim. You can also bring your original shoe designs and have them manufactured in Italy, starting with shoe prototypes, with the highest quality and the best materials available in Italy.
Most Italian shoe companies let you have even custom components and accessories.
A reasonable low minimum quantity is usually required for Private Label and payments for the whole service, and the shoes are generally 30% at contract signature and 70% before shipping.
Shoes can be made from genuine leather or costly exotic skins (such as crocodile, python, ostrich, lizard). The Italian manufacturers and brands are highly experienced and skilled in footwear production, delivering the highest quality and style available.
See the Italian shoe manufacturers and brands currently joining the ItalianModa B2B marketplace: Italian women's shoes, men's shoes and children's / baby shoes.
You can contact each or all of them for free, inquiring about their Private Label service.


Send a request to the Italian shoe manufacturers: ask them about their Private Label or collection development service.

Made in Italy

Deine fabelhaften Schuhe
Italienische Schuhhersteller

Finden Sie die italienischen Hersteller der meisten qualifizierten Schuhe für Ihre private Marke Schuhe für Frauen oder Männer. Finden Sie jetzt und kostenlos.